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About Us

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Welcome to the stronghold of a legendary association of men and women who strive to keep the known world safe and secure from the extraordinary powers that surround them. The Guardians are the protectors, the bodyguards, that keep Earth separated from all those other, magical and mystical lands where strange creatures and sorcerers abound.

The Guardians have decided it's time to recruit. Do you have what it takes?

The Guardians are a supreme and lethal organization of men and women, sworn to protect those who are not gifted with magic, from their sometimes unknown enemies. They are especially prominent in this world, most often undercover, as the majority of people living here deny the existance of magic of any kind. Many Guardians, and indeed the founders of this organization, are from another land altogether, Ashes. All Guardians have some sort of magical gifts.
A Guardian's duties include:
~To guard the barrier that stands between Earth and Ashes
~To protect mortals from their magical enemies, such as vampires, evil mages and sorcerers, demons, and snowsnoms
~To keep unknowing mortals from causing harm to themselves or others through improper use of magic
~To carry out other secret and dangerous missions on the behalf of the Guardian's Council
Do you still think you have what it takes? Then go here to register as a Guardian Recruit.