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The Creatures
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There are some strange creatures hidden out in the wilds of Ashes...


Unicorns are shy creatures, but very powerful, loving wide grassy meadows, and also the great Loth forests. Most are gentle, but beware of the odd temperamental unicorn.

Unicorns come in a wide variety of colours, the most common being white or black. Other, scarcer colours include gold, silver, red, and rainbow.

The unicorn's horn carries a powerful healing magic. It is widely known that the horns can purify water and detect poison. Unicorns are also said to be very wise and intelligent. Also, contrary to popular belief, unicorns do not attract virgins.



Living far from shore, and only rarely glimpsed by a lucky sailor, little is known about the mermaids and mermen of the Ancient Seas. It is said that the voices of the beautiful mermaids will transfix even a man of the strongest will, but it is also said that the mermen guard their maidens fiercely.

Merfolk live far under the sea, in a community of their own. None of the People have ever been there. With the upper body of a human, and the lower body of a fish, all merfolk are said to be enchanting to look upon. It is not known if all mermaids and mermen have magic, but some most certainly do. While most is used for good, be wary of evil merfolk, for they do exist, and have no thought for any other than themselves.



The spirits in Ashes are pledged to the gods and goddesses. They live in their own realm, but love to frequent the great forests of Ashes. These magical creatures love mischief, and sometimes involve themselves in the lives of the People. They range in stature from the size of a man's hand, to the size of a human. All have wings.

The spirits in Ashes serve the gods and goddesses. It is not known why they are beholden to the Council. The spirits do everything from serve in the houses of the gods and goddesses, to carry out tasks for them in the Land of Ashes





These are bitter, evil creatures, that move on the wind and can take on whatever form they please. It is the soul of the demon that is so terrible. These creatures are friends to no one, but will sometimes serve a powerful master if the price (or bribe) is right. These creatures have no conscience.


There are five species of dragons known to Ashes. They range in stature from the size of a small bird to as large as a palace. Dragons are said to be immortal, but some think that they just live exceptionally long lives, living thousands of years. Most dragons are said not to tolerate the People very well.

The five species of dragons that have been spotted in Ashes are the Rainbow Dragon, Ice Dragon, Fire Dragon, Golden Dragon and Water Dragon.

The Dragon Territory in the north of Ashes is known as home to a family of Ice Dragons.



These are small creatures, about 20-35 inches tall. They live in small tribes throughout the forests of Ashes. The Meija have brown, green or orange skin that is almost translucent. They are hard to spot in their home environment, especially in the autumn.

They also have cat-like features, including their eyes, ears, instincts, and long tails. They stand on two feet most of the time, and are known to be very good thieves



A not-so-intelligent creature that takes orders from others, usually Vampires. Snowsnoms are large, white creatures with fangs and red eyes. They appear to have fox-like features. The Snowsnoms prefer the snow, and like to rip their prey to shreds before eating. They live in packs of about 10-15, and stalk the cold regions of the Black and Zaki Mountains.



These creatures are part-dog, part-bear, with green and white fur and long, deadly claws. Greenclaws can heal any injury to themselves in minutes, which makes them extremely hard to kill.

They are solitary creatures, preferring to hunt and live alone. They are also very intelligent and it is difficult to trap them. Greenclaws live beneath the ground, in caves or burrows, and come out at night to hunt.