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Gods & Goddesses of Ashes
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Gods and Goddesses of Ashes





Asha- The High Goddess. She watches over all of Ashes and heads the council of eleven other gods and goddesses. Asha is known to be patient and fair, and also cruel and destructive. She is more powerful than any other god or goddess.


Kyan- The Trickster God. Kyan takes pride in creating confusion and chaos. He is said to have been a vampire before he became powerful enough to be a god, and he still looks out for his former people.


Raveena- Goddess of Sorrow. She is mild and even-tempered, but spreads misery and despair without a care in the world. Raveena brings loneliness and is said to walk to night.


Lian-  God of Animals. Lian is the protector of all animal creatures of the land, sea, and sky. He is known for his gentleness and patience, and is greatly respected by the Shapeshifters.


JahI- God of Weather. A temperamental god. In his anger, JahI will send storms, earthquakes, tornados and more to Ashes. Yet JahI loves balance, so he always equals the bad with the good.


Kaevan- God of War. Kaevan is an old, old god, with the appearance of fierce warlord from centuries past. He is known for being sly and cunning, and he is easily bored in times of peace.


Procca- Goddess of Love . She is a young and foolish goddess, who worries only  about her own amusement. Procca is said to have broken many mortal hearts. She is very beautiful, and said to be protective of women, especially those with child.




Surani- Goddess of Healing. Surani lends her strength to all the healers in the land, enabling them to work quickly to heal wounds and save lives. Sometimes known as Mother Surani, she is always giving the gift of life and good health.


Norla- Goddess of the Ocean. She is said the swim among the me folk, and can take on the form of any sea creature she wishes. She is playful and carefree; at least towards those she views as friends.


Kapono- God of Death. An outcast even among the gods, Kapono is feared throughout the land. He brings death wherever he goes. However, Kapono is not an evil god- he is considered sad and lonely, comfortable only in the realm of the Dead, where mortals go to live after death.


Kyah- God of the Land. Good-natured and peaceful. He looks out for all those that roam the land, be they good or bad. This sometimes causes the other gods and goddesses to think he is weak.


Dyani- Goddess of New Life and Rebirth.  She is often portrayed as a motherly figure. But for all that, she is sharp and demanding, often disappointed with what  her children of Ashes become. Gifts are always left for Dyani when there is a new birth.