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Vampires are not immortal, but they live exceptionally long lives. They gather strength by drinking the blood of others. Vampires are created by adding vampire blood to a beings natural blood. A vampire will then retain the shape of whatever it was before being changed into a vampire.


Vampires are divided into two hereditary lines: the Maehan and the Darkus.


The Maehan vampires are considered the upper class of the vampires. They are generally intelligent, have a mortal perspective on life, and while they are definitely predators, they do not run in packs and let the animal side of their mind rule them. The Maehan are active during the day and can hide what they are if they desire to.  The Maehan cannot reproduce with other vampires, but males may do so with any other mortal female creature. The result would be a half-breed, a dangerous combination of a part-vampire. Many half-breed children are eventually transformed into full-blooded vampires.


The Darkus vampires are ruled by their animal instincts, and are considered inferior. They are violent and destructive, roaming in packs to hunt and kill. Many Darkus vampires are used by the Maehan as deadly armies. Darkus vampires are only active at night, as the sunlight will kill them. Darkus vampires cannot reproduce sexually, but they can “create” new vampires through an exchange of blood. Most are not intelligent enough for this though, and many Darkus vampires are created only as the Maehan wish.