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Loths are human-like in appearance, most are slightly built and never grow very tall. All loths are born with a diamond-shaped birthmark somewhere on their body. This birthmark is usually some vibrant colour and gives the appearance of a tattoo.

Historically, loths are the first mortal beings to live in Ashes, and they once ruled most of the known land.

Loths are born with magical abilities, which include, but are not limited to: healing, Sight, protective magic and communication magic. Every Loth has a colour associated with their magic, depending on the type and strength of their abilities. Magical abilities are usually inherited, but that is not always the case.


There are also four powerful Elemental Clans: Earth Clan, Fire Clan, Water Clan and Air Clan. Loths that are born into these clans have associated powers and are generally more powerful than the average loth.  Most  Sorcerers come from these clans.