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History of the Barrier
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History of the Barrier



            Once, long ago in ancient times, there was no barrier between Earth and Ashes. Travel and trade flourished between the two lands, and magic abounded in both lands. It was well known that while Earth belonged to the humans, Ashes belonged to the loths. The loths were careful guardians of their land, which ran from the southern Ancient Seas, to well beyond the Black Mountains, and even the Sundrarin Mountains in the north.

            Several incidents happened over a period of many years which led to the building of the Barrier, as it is known today. The first was the Coming of the Dragons. These creatures were unknown before this time, and their coming into Ashes eventually shrank the borders of the land to the edge of the Black Mountains.

            The second was the mass migration of humans into Ashes. The men and women of Earth paid little heed to the wishes of the loths, and quickly claimed land for themselves before the loths could react. This left many loths with harsh feelings towards the humans, who they considered an inferior race.

            The final and most disturbing event that took place though, was the Creation of the Vampire. The vampire race, all descendants of the god Kyan, and originally all of loth blood, were condemned by the loths, and at all costs these creatures were to be kept out of the human lands in Earth.

            These incidents combined led to one of the greatest workings of magic ever seen in Ashes. The loths decided that enough damage had been done to their land by outside forces, and decided to seal themselves off from all other lands. Led by the great High King Kelltun Silversky, and his Master Sorceress Keydee Sunblood, several hundred loths came together to perform the great working that created to Barrier that still stands today, protecting Ashes from all outside sources.