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The Great War
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The Great War



            Occurring shortly after the Barrier was built, the Great War was a battle for territory between the loths and the vampires. Up until the Creation of the Vampires, the loths ruled entirely over the Land of Ashes and all of its creatures. But as the vampires began to swell in numbers, they began to move in on the tribal lands of the loths, leaving death and destruction in their wake. This forced the loth tribes to unite together to protect their lands.

            Truly, the Great War was in the makings before the Barrier was built and the Traditional Calendar was begun. After the death of Master Sorceress Keydee Sunblood, battle exploded, as the vampires were furious that they had been cut off from the Earthland. What followed were several years of bloody warfare between the loths and vampires, as each side wanted to destroy the other. Led by Kelltun Silversky and Lash Wynterwolf, the loths eventually managed to push the vampires off the mainland and into Kyanos. In Kyanos though, the vampires were protected by their god Kyan, and the loths could go no further. Instead, the loths fortified the coast and vowed never to let the vampires leave their sanctuary.

            By Year 15 of the Phoenix, the loths had proclaimed an uneasy victory. The borders of mainland Ashes were re-drawn as the loth tribes realized they would never go back to their nomadic way of life. The west belonged to the great Kelltun Silversky, and the southeast to war-hero Lash Wynterwolf, while the north was divided between two other loth lords, Tynord Song and Borand Darkmoon. In the east, land was also granted to the humans that remained in Ashes, a tiny territory that was meant to keep them contained, surrounded by powerful loth kingdoms.