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Learn more about the different Guardian Recruit Divisions, what they mean and see the members of each division.

**An "R" denotes a Recruit**


The Stones are the Guardians trained to guard the barriers that have been erected between the different worlds. They are trained so that they may easily pass from world to world, a talent that is coveted by many an enemy.
1. Adrian Coldhart


The Suns are the ones that walk among the everyday folks and keep them safe, without ever betraying their true profession. These guys take "undercover" to a new level.
1. Keydee Sunstorm
2. Landis Moon


The Gems are the ones who do all the behind-the-scenes work. They research the enemy and organize the vast archives of the Guardians. They're also the ones to go to when you need absolutely an kind of information. The Gems know it all.
1. Lady Katie (R)


The Bloods are the ones that no one wants to mess with. These guys go deep into enemy territory, carrying out crazy-dangerous missions. These guys are as deadly as they come.
1. Shadow Angel (R)
2. Marcus Black (R)